Mountain Shooting Center

Mountain Shooting Center (MSC) is a high altitude (9300′ above sea level), long range shooting complex designed for the training of all advanced Shooter’s and also military snipers who expect to deploy to high altitude mountains and who plan to engage the enemy at steep angles (up or down), and at long distances.


CAGE Code: 6VC26

DUNS: 929902000

NAICS: 611430, 928110, 721214, 541611, 541690, 611519

Angle Down Ranges

Two Ranges: North Rim and South Rim Range

– Five firing stations on each range

– Five+ different firing positions at each station

– At least five targets available for engagement at each station

– Range distances from 600 to 2600 meters

– Firing angles from 5 to 50 degrees

Known Distance Range

– Flat and located at 9300’ above sea level

– Target Distance to 1700 meters

– 100 meter firing line increments

Angle Up Ranges

– The Angle up range consists of 25 designated positions where a sniper can engage targets (up) on either the North or South Rim

– Range distances from 600 to 2600 meters

– Firing angles from 5 to 50 degrees

– Angle up range also encompasses approximately 1 mile of road from which a sniper can dismount and engage targets above them

  • "Just wanted to drop a line thanking you for the great class and accommodating efforts you made for us. As I said, I’ve taken a lot of different classes with several instructors across the country, of which there are only 5 that I would consider life changing experiences. You are one of the 5, thank you. If there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask. Also looking forward to future classes and experiences with you all."

  • “I’ve taken many shooting schools from a variety of shooting instructors. If you're interested in attending an advanced and or long range shooting class, at a high altitude range, with steep angles and with challenging winds, Ward Brien at the Mountain Shooting Center is the guy to contact”.

    Bryan Martin
    Canadian Asian Mountain Outfitters
  • Ward is an outstanding Instructor of advanced concepts and techniques in long range precision shooting. Ward's knowledge of the physics and natural phenomena that impact long range, steep angle shooting is unsurpassed.

    Thomas Stevens
    Unconventional Solutions Consultant

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Southern Utah

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